Hey there, Thanks for checking out this page and I really appreciate your attention towards my blog TRENDKEEDA.

TRENDKEEDA is founded by two students Asjad Shaikh and Affan Khan living in Mumbai, India. We have been blogging on other niches too since last 2 years. The main aim to select this niche is to keep you updated with what is trending and what is going around you.

We try our best to post best articles frequently to keep you updated with whats going on out there ! Blogging is like a hobby to us which we use to share information that we have and we think that even you all should know.

We have completed our high school education (HSC) in Mumbai. Now we see blogging as a passionate hobby. We try to give you the best we can through our blog posts and avoid writing anything rubbish or fake to get traffic. Whatever we post is real and twice checked article. If we have made any mistake in any of our blog posts you can contact us with the regards, we take action as quick as possible. If you still have any queries regarding us you can read below articles or you can contact us. Very soon we will be out with FAQs about us.

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